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The Gloomy Island Blues Festival 2018 @MOM Livehouse

日期 Date:27/10/2018

時間 Time:7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

地點 Venue:MOM Livehouse(炮台山 Fortress Hill)

門票 Tickets:$260(限量預售 Advance Ticket)、$290(正價 Regular Ticket)

簡介 Intro:台灣、菲律賓和本地樂隊聚首一堂,玩盡各類藍調音樂,為你送上香港史無前例的藍調之夜!


Bands from Taiwan, Philippines, and Hong Kong will be sharing the same stage, bringing you a magnificent blues concert you’ve never experienced in this city.

音樂單位 Acts:Tomii Chan(香港 HK)、Shake That Thing(香港 HK)、Ian Lofamia Band(菲律賓 PH)、Muddy Basin Ramblers(台灣 TW)


Moody Waters@Solo 蘇廬

日期 Date:18/8/2018


時間 Time:3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


地點 Venue:蘇廬 Solo(大澳 Tai O)


門票 Tickets:自由定價 Pay what you want


簡介 Intro:大澳素有港版威尼斯之稱。在悠閒的下午坐在漁村水邊,細味馥郁咖啡,可謂欣賞鄉謠藍調的最佳配搭。


Some travel magazine might call Tai O as the "Venice of Hong Kong". To spend a laid-back afternoon on a balcony by the riverside with a cup of good coffee in your palms, such would be the best way to enjoy the country blues.


音樂單位 Acts:Yank Wong (黃仁逵)& BIll Loh、Jabin Law

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Brews and the Blues@Yardley Brothers Brewery

日期 Date:7/9/2018


時間 Time:8 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.


地點 Venue:Yardley Brothers Brewery(葵芳 Kwai Fong)


門票 Tickets:$100(連一杯啤酒!One pint of beer included!)

簡介 Intro:啤酒與藍愁、得一杯點夠。酒精與藍調可以說是好配搭,一場在啤酒廠內的藍調音樂會更是一絕,音樂與佳釀,垂手可得。

Brews and the blues, carry them on till you’re screwed. Alcohol and blues music is a good match, some people like to play drunken music. A blues concert inside of a brewery is the best of all, with good beer and music right beside your arms, right before your eyes.


音樂單位 Acts:Tommy Chung、Isaac and the Blues Diggers

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Spoonful of Blues@Brew Note Coffee Roaster

日期 Date:7/10/2018

時間 Time:7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

地點 Venue:Brew Note Coffee Roaster(北角 North Point)

門票 Tickets:最低消費一杯飲料 Minimum charge one drink)

簡介 Intro:沒有人喜歡Blue Monday,不過Blues Sunday就另作別論了!晚上來北角有名的Brew Note Coffee Roaster,品嘗店主自家烘焙的咖啡,以悠揚口琴藍調為星期天畫上完滿句號。

No one is going to like a "Blue Monday", but how about a "Blues Sunday"? Drop by at the famous Brew Note Coffee Roaster at North Point, and taste the good coffee made from the owner's self-baked beans on a Sunday evening. Even better yet, we've got some top-class harmonica and acoustic blues music readied for you.

音樂單位 Acts:Henry Chung、Barry Chung & Yank Wong (黃仁逵)



Blues Movie:  “Cadillac Records”

日期 Date:11/8/2018

時間 Time:9:00 p.m.

地點 Venue:Holandfree(葵興 Kwai Hing)

門票 Tickets:自由定價 Pay what you want

簡介 Intro:《藍調傳奇》是一套於2008年上演的美國電影,由Darnell Martin執導。電影以活躍於上世紀五十年代至七十年代的音樂廠牌Chess Records為述事起點,選取了其中幾位當時得令的音樂人以及Chess Records的老闆Leonard Chess作為故事主角,以劇情片的手法描繪了芝加哥藍調甚至R&B音樂的部份面貌。

"What Cadillac Records may lack in originality, it more than makes up for in strong performances and soul-stirring music." - Rotten Tomatoes  

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Blues Movie: “The Blues Brothers”

日期 Date:1/9/2018

時間 Time:9:00 p.m.

地點 Venue:Holandfree(葵興 Kwai Hing)

門票 Tickets:自由定價 Pay what you want

​簡介 Intro:《鬼馬兄弟》是七、八十年代的經典電影,由兩位有心重振藍調音樂及文化的演員——Dan Aykroyd及John Belushi編寫及主演。電影講述二人為了幫助扶助他們成長的孤兒院解決財務危機而四出尋找樂手、組樂隊,找演出機會來籌錢還稅的故事。他們期間又遭遇到一眾極度無厘頭的怪事(待你自己來發掘及欣賞,不在此劇透了),為電影增添了許多喜劇元素。加上明星級的配樂陣容,這是一套電影、音樂、藍調愛好者均不能錯過的好電影。

"Too over the top for its own good, but ultimately rescued by the cast's charm, director John Landis' grace, and several soul-stirring musical numbers." - Rotten Tomatoes

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藍調口琴工作坊 Blues Harmonica Workshop

日期 Date:22/9/2018

時間 Time:8:00 p.m.

地點 Venue:新蒲崗 San Po Kong

門票 Tickets:$450(連口琴)$300(不連口琴)

簡介 Intro:藍調口琴聲音富有特色,塑造了早期藍調的面貌。資深口琴玩家Jimmy Chan將會帶你由零開始,感受藍調口琴的魅力。


The workshop will be conducted in Cantonese.

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藍調結他工作坊  Blues Guitar Workshop

日期 Date:14/10/2018

時間 Time:3:00 p.m.

地點 Venue:新蒲崗 San Po Kong

門票 Tickets:$300

簡介 Intro:別人幾個音就很「有feel」,自己卻無從入手?工作坊請來藍調結他手Ram Cheung,和你進一步探索藍調演奏秘訣!


The workshop will be conducted in Cantonese.

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